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Stillwell Risk Partners is your Commercial Insurance & Risk Management Specialist

Stillwell Risk Partners is the Insurance Broker and Risk Management firm for small and middle-market businesses. As a client, you'll get the insurance coverage you need to protect your business along with a multi-functional range of tools and resources that will help you grow and scale profitably.

take control of your risk


Insurance is not a one-size fits all solution to your risk management needs. At Stillwell Risk Partners, we provide you with the front end support to minimize your insurance costs and take control of your risk. 

The Problems with a Traditional Insurance Approach

  • Decision Making

    Businessowners don't want to buy insurance based just on price, but it's hard to compare the intricate differences of insurance policies.

  • Lack of Trust

    Do you feel the need to "keep your agent honest?" Does your agent only appear around your policy renewal? 

  • Kept in the Dark

    A lack of transparency leaves you in the dark about how you're being represented in the insurance marketplace. 

Getting You Better Results

Putting in the Work First

We'll put in the work up front - we'll get to know each other BEFORE taking coverage to quote. 

Transparency Builds Trust

You'll know how we represent you in to the market and why the strategy we use gets you the results you're looking for.

Total Cost of Risk Approach

With a holistic approach to your Risk Management needs, you'll see cost reduction in more than just insurance. 

How we get you results

Our detailed process builds a solid foundation

  • Initial Risk Assessment

    The risks to your business are unique.  We'll uncover where you're exposed and build an initial solution to improve your position.

  • Getting Things Done

    We'll work with you to implement changes in advance of taking coverage to market.  This gives you the ability to qualify for coverage and negotiate lower insurance costs.

  • A Streamlined Transition

    Through this process - we'll both discover if there's a fit to work together.  When there is, it's obvious and all the obstacles to moving your coverage disappear. 

Stillwell Risk Partners will give you the right options so you can choose the right protection. "

We treat you like family, not a transaction

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