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Every business has cyber risk but not every cyber insurance policy is created equal.  Get the coverage you need to protect your business from one of the top threats to your business.

At Stillwell Risk Partners, we work with the top Cyber Insurance providers.  We can explain the risk specific to your business and design a custom program to ensure you're protected.

Cyber Insurance Is Serious Business

Deep fakes, ransomware as a service, phishing and social engineering are all words you may have heard.  But what do they mean and why are they a threat to your business?

A Cyber Liability Policy is only as good as the processes you have in place to reduce the likelihood of being attacked.  At Stillwell Risk Partners, we understand the practices you need to have in place to qualify for coverage. More than that - we provide risk management services to help minimize claims and make your business more appealing to insurance companies to help reduce your premiums.

Won't My Current Insurance Cover Cyber Damages?

That depends. General Liability policies don't provide coverage for Cyber Liability.

But maybe you've added on Cyber Insurance to an existing policy.  Beware.

Cyber Insurance endorsements often provide severely restricted coverage, both in terms of coverage limits and the range of incidents they protect against.

Unsure of where you stand? We'll review your coverage for you.

What Cyber Insurance Covers

These are just a few areas in which a cyber insurance policy will protect your business. Don't know what some of these mean? All the more reason to talk to one of our cyber advisors.


Social Engineering

Regulatory Fines

Data Breach

Reputational Harm

Business Interruption

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