Drone Insurance Specialists

Drones are used everyday in more than 20 different industries.  The capabilities and usage of drones improves significantly from one year to the next.

At Stillwell Risk Partners, we understand the evolving nature of your work.  Our holistic risk management system provides the tools needed to consistently identify new risks and provide you with the coverage you need in an environment with continually changing opportunities and threats.

Drone Business Is Serious Business

There are thousands of ways you might use your drone.  Precision Agriculture, Retail Inventory Management, Delivery Services, Telecommunications, Search and Rescue, Construction, Surveying, Inspections...

For every way you might use a drone, there are that many unique risks inherent in the work you're performing.  You might have significant Errors & Omissions exposure, pollution exposure, logistics, cyber liability, bodily injury, property damage.  The list goes on.

Your business is unique - help us to understand how you're using your drones, and we'll help you understand how to protect your business.

Won't My Current Insurance Cover My Drone Operations?

That depends on the type of insurance coverage you have.  It also depends on what you're using your drones for.

Insurance companies are fast to act to eliminate coverage for emerging risks - and drone usage certainly qualifies.  With all the different ways drones are used today, it's becoming more and more common to see drone usage excluded from coverage.

And even when drones aren't specifically targeted, the operations you're using them for could be. Our risk identification process can help determine whether or not the policies you have actually protect your business.

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