Why choose Stillwell Risk Partners?

We recognize that every business is different.  The solutions that work for one company might not work for another.

At Stillwell Risk Partners, we take a Total Cost of Risk approach to helping our clients solve their insurance and risk management needs. We help you to Take Control of Your Risk, lower your expenses, and increase your profitability.

Our Average Client

Our average clients typically fall into a few broad categories:

Companies that are getting average - or below average - results.

Most often, you simply have not been shown a better way. Getting you the best insurance rates is not a matter of having access to all possible insurance carriers, but often, what your risk profile says about your company.

We provide the tools, resources, and work with you to improve your risk profile, limit your losses, and position you for success as your representative to the insurance marketplace.

Companies that recognize the need for Risk Management, but without the need for an in house Risk Manager.

We leverage the insurance premiums you are already paying to provide you with risk management services.  We'll help you to take control of your risk through:

  • Building infrastructure to grow profitably
  • Support for strategic decisions
  • Helping to drive change in your organization

Here's how we help our clients improve their profitability.

Reducing accidents and injuries

Accidents and injuries lead to insurance claims.  The direct costs that come from accidents and injuries aren't too complicated - everyone understands paying a deductible or having increased premiums.  But the soft costs are the real culprit to decreased profitability.

Managing your reputation within the insurance industry

Just like your business has a reputation with your clients and the public, your company also has a reputation within the insurance industry. Our process creates an insatiable appetite for your business in the insurance marketplace.

Taking a holistic approach to their risk management program

What we do is not about selling you the most insurance you'll buy, but about discovering what you have at risk, strategizing about the various ways to address that risk (avoidance, retention, transfer, and insurance), implementing that strategy, and the monitoring it's performance over time.

Providing support that helps you run your business better and more efficient

Insurance itself is not a solution to a problem. Insurance does not help you run your business better or help you manage your time.  Our services do just that. The support that we provide our clients helps them to reduce other costs, use their time more efficiently, and reduce their total cost of risk.

Ready to get started? 

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