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What’s the most important thing your insurance policies do for your business?

The obvious answer here is that your insurance policies should protect you from things like fires, accidents, and lawsuits.  Unfortunately, insurance is complicated and it’s hard to understand what you’re covered for and what you aren’t.

So when we look at our policies, what we usually see is the type of policy we have and the price we pay for it.

But when we only look at these two things, it’s like we’re seeing this:


And what does everyone know about an iceberg?  That 90% of what’s there exists beneath the surface.

Insurance is no different.

The policies we have and the premiums we pay for them are the 10% that lives above the surface.  The important parts that tell us when coverage applies – and when it doesn’t – often live beneath the surface.

At Stillwell Risk Partners, we’ll help you go deeper and see beneath the surface. We’ll help you to learn how you can not only truly understand your risk, but to control your risks and the costs that come with it.

Are you ready to take control of your risk?

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